Louis Wessels: “My father helped me to discover tennis; what an amazing experience in Hamburg!”

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A nice talk with Louis Wessels, German tennis rising star and very polite guy.
We discussed about his main results, his dreams and his future in a dialogue which stands as a picture of one of the most important player of tomorrow


DT: Dear Louis, hello! A big hug by all TennisPress staff and readers and thanks for your time.
: Hello everyone!

DT : Describe us your passion for tennis. Who helped you to discover it? When did you start playing tennis? Who encouraged you? After having played for some years, when did you understand this was the way you had to follow?
: I started playing tennis when I was 6 years old. My dad just suggested me playing with him.
He added I would have had a lot of fun on the court. And since that day I have enjoyed every minute on the court and I have never stopped loving this sport.
When I played my first kids tournaments I realised that I wanted to play more day by day. You have to love this sport otherwise I think it’s tough to stay mentally always on a high level.

DT: One of the best experiences you had in a U18 tournament was the one in Salsomaggiore where you won the title against Mattias Siimar in 2 sets. Describe your week there: do you think the fact you played the final indoor helped you? During those days you won a good match against ‘our’ player Corrado Summaria: what do you actually think of him?
: Yeah I won the tournament in Salsomaggiore. It was a really nice week for me with ups and downs. I had many tough matches there but I always stayed mentally focus at the end. It was a tough final because we played indoor. It was another care for me. First games were really tough there but from game to game it always went better.

I have known Corrado for a long time. We played doubles together long time ago. He also speaks German and he is a friend of mine. I played a very good match against him. I was up fast 6:2 5:0 and then he had a big comeback, fighting back to the tiebreak but then he got a little bit nervous I think.
It’s always tough to play against friend, but I think that I really controlled the match and deserve it to win. He is a really nice person with a great forehand and I hope he will be the next Fognini.

DT: What about your experience in the ATP 500 of Hamburg where you won an excellent match against Diez before being defeated by Klizan. What aspects of your game or of your mentality did you improve after this week? Was it good to be supported by a wide crowd of people?
: It was an amazing week for me in Hamburg. I enjoyed every minute of it. I played an unreal first round where so many people helped me. That was one of the best moments ever for me. Second round was really tough: it was my first match on a really big court in front of so many people against a top 30. But I’m sure every single match on this high level is helping me for my future.

DT: What kind of person are you outside the court? Do you have any hobbies or interests, apart from tennis?
: I think I’m a boy who is really chilled outside the court: I always try to have fun with friends and my family. I love also supporting every match of Bayern Munich, my favourite football team.

DT:What are the next goals you would like to reach? What tournament will you play in the final part of the season?
: I will play some futures in Germany now and then US Open obviously.

DT: Ok! Thanks again for your kindness and time. We wish you all the best for your future. Speak soon!
: Bye everyone!

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