Benjamin Mitchell: “After my child was born, I had to become much more organized. Nick Kyrgios? He may be the future of our tennis”

(Source: Scott Barbour/Getty Images AsiaPac)

A nice talk with Benjamin Mitchell, former australian tennis players, who decide to end his career, which reached its top with 2010 Wimbledon Junior Final


Dear Benjamin, first of all thanks for kindness and time and a big hug from all the Staff and the readers of TennisPress.
Hi everybody! Thank you very much!

Last few weeks were quite hard for you, because you announced the retirement from your career: when and why did you make this painful choice? Who supported you in this hard decision?
It is too difficult having a baby and being away from her and too expensive and not good at this young age to have her on the road with me. I never liked travelling but could manage it, now with a baby it is not possible at this point in time.

What did it change in your life after your child was born? What kind of father would you expect to be?
A lot changed, I’ve had to become much more organized and not just think about myself. I have to think about money for the future and for my daughters future. I’d expect to be around for her, being there when she needs me, watching her grow up and playing a major part in her development in all areas.

You were able to arrive in Wimbledon Junior Finals: What kind of sensations did you feel that day? Describe us the main events of that week.
It was a week I’ll never forget. If I didn’t do well that week I wouldn’t have received the sponsorships I got. Therefore I wouldn’t have been able to continue playing. I was actually down a set and a break last round qualifying . Once I qualified and stepped foot into the main Wimbledon site I knew I’d do well. I played very well and it gave me the confidence for the rest of the year in senior events.

Have you got any regrets for your carreer? What will you do now?
I’ll always have regrets, some I learnt from and some I didn’t. If I do come back I’ll leave no stone unturned and if not I know I’ll be fine. I’m very competitive no matter what I do. Whatever I do I’ll want to succeed.

What will you think it will be australian tennis in 10 years? Which player do you like most and why?
I believe that Nick Kyrgios is the most talented player in the top 100. No one can serve and also have the ground strokes that he has, if he gets everything right he will win a Grand Slam one day, or maybe more.  Anyway, it’s too hard to tell what Australian tennis will be like but I think we are heading in the right direction.

Thanks again! We wish you all the best for your future! A Big hug by all of us!
You’re welcome! Bye!


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